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Packaging for bakers, designed by a baker.

OLBAA was founded by Rachel and Haf Saba in late 2019 after the pair struggled with finding adequate cake boxes for their sister baking business. Rachel previously worked at Apple where she saw first-hand how important packaging could be, and she brought this experience and attention to detail to OLBAA. Today, OLBAA is a fully registered trademark in the U.K. and their designs are registered in over 30 countries.

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Wholesale Sugar Flowers & OLBAA

These new products perfectly align with Wholesale Sugar Flowers’ mission to be the one-
stop shop for high-quality cake decorating products.

“Every day, I am focused on helping our customers advance their individual businesses, by
providing intricate sugar flowers and other products that help them grow their profits and
better manage their time,” said Keera Brooks, CEO, Wholesale Sugar Flowers. “I am thrilled
to introduce our customers to a new brand that shares the same goal and places an equally
strong emphasis on quality.”

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