OLBAA Deep Cupcake Box ~ holds 6

$ 4.99

The OLBAA deep cupcake box is the highest quality cake box packaging that's ever landed in the US.  More refined, more luxurious, and more stylish than anything else.  There is no comparison to this patented, innovative box design. Don't shortcut to the only layer between your hard work and your customer's delight.

The OLBAA deep cupcake box is taller and stronger than any standard box and doubles as a serving tray!  The genius of this three piece design allows the baker to reach new creative heights with a lid that is adjustable even higher than the existing dimensions and the customer to leave the beauty in the box and use it as a serving tray by lifting the side panel out.  Perfect for floral cupcakes with more height and space between the holes.

Size: 10" long x 7" wide x 4.75" high with standard cupcake hole diameter of 2.25".

Color: White

Price per piece: 5 pack ($4.36), 10 pack ($4.23), 20 pack ($4.09)

Wholesale pricing available for quantities over 100 pieces per item.

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