Packaging for bakers designed by a baker

Introducing the perfect cake boxes:
Innovative, affordable, and designed just for you.


If you are tired of traditional cake boxes that don't meet your needs, we have the perfect solution for you! Our brand-new cake box line by OLBAA is not only innovatively designed, but also available at the right price. Read on to learn about the incredible features that make this packaging line a game-changer for all baking enthusiasts:

Personalized Perfection: Whether you have a towering, tiered cake or delicate treats, our boxes will accommodate them perfectly. No more ‘Frankenstein box’ construction needed – break free from the confines of a standard bakery box.

Brilliantly Designed: Carefully engineered with a focus on functionality and convenience, OLBAA boxes come with an innovative folding mechanism, allowing for easy assembly and secure closure. No more struggling with flimsy tabs or messy tape.

Secure Transport: Worried about your cake getting damaged during transportation? Reinforced corners and sturdy construction provide maximum protection while the interlocking design keeps the lid securely in place, preventing any accidental openings.

Eye-catching: Presentation is key and hiding your brand behind a flimsy box is a wasted first impression. OLBAA cake boxes boast a sleek and professional look with thick, satin-like paper and a clear side panel, making them ideal for showcasing your culinary creations.

Environmentally Friendly: OLBAA cake boxes are also made from eco-friendly materials. They are durable and recyclable, reducing their impact on the environment.

But wait, there's more! We are committed to offering innovative cake boxes at the right price and understand that affordability is essential for you and your business.  The pricing for this luxury product is surprisingly competitive against standard boxes, without compromising on quality or features.


The perfect solution for transporting, displaying, and preserving your beautiful cakes.

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