How to Make Your Kid's Birthday Party Unforgettable with Wholesale Sugar Flowers

Birthday parties for kids are filled with laughs, fun, and of course, delicious treats! Wholesale Sugar Flowers offers a variety of edible decorations that fit your favorite themes for kids and add special touches to any birthday party. From themed royal icing decorations, to fabulous sprinkles and sugar cake toppers, Wholesale Sugar Flowers have so many products that elevate any birthday party. Not only does using edible decór allow you to create beautiful, themed cakes, cupcakes, and cookies, but edible decorations also provide an opportunity for creativity and fun. Wholesale Sugar Flowers offers royal icing decorations for just about any theme for kids, including sports, construction, fire fighter, gamer, sea creatures, music, lego, beauty, unicorns, dinosaurs and more! 

Here are three fun and creative ways to use Wholesale Sugar Flowers for kid's birthday parties!

1. Decorate Your Own Themed Birthday Cake.

One of the most exciting parts of your child’s birthday party is singing “Happy Birthday” and enjoying the birthday cake. Instead of opting for a pre-designed cake, why not make your own themed birthday cake with edible decorations?

To create your own birthday cake, first, choose just the right cake decorations, including themed royal icing decorations, sprinklesand cake toppers. Then, bake your cake in a flavor of your choice and add your preferred icing. You could even purchase a store bought cake and decorate it to match your theme. Next, bring your cake to life as you design your own personalized culinary marvel.

Or - allow children to join in the fun of decorating their own birthday party by giving them the edible decorations to unleash their creativity and design their own birthday cake!

2. Host a Cookie or Cupcake Decorating Activity.

Another fun and creative way to use Wholesale Sugar Flowers for your child’s birthday party is to host a cookie or cupcake decorating activity. This hands-on experience offers a fun and unique party activity, while also incorporating a sweet treat to celebrate.

Prepare freshly baked cookies or cupcakes in advance, and order your themed royal icing decorations and sprinkles. Decorate at least one item prior to the party to offer inspiration so partygoers know how to get started with the activity.

Set up a decorating station with enough space for the kids to work their magic. Provide cups with premade icing and spreading utensils, along with edible decorations. Encourage them to experiment and use their creativity to create their own edible works of art! Let them top it off with sprinkles and they will have a true masterpiece. Whether your theme is construction, sports, unicorns, or flowers, this activity will keep children entertained and truly sweeten the celebration.

3. Design Themed Treats for Party Favors.

No birthday party is complete without party favors to thank your guests for celebrating with you. Take your party favors to the next level by incorporating edible decorations into their design.

Use homemade or premade sugar cookies and cookie decorations from Wholesale Sugar Flowers. Choose edible decorations to match your theme. Top your cookie with frosting, themed cookie decorations, and a dash of sprinkles. Next, package each into treat bags or boxes. Now, you have the perfect party favor to match your theme!

Wholesale Sugar Flowers offers fun and unique ways to make kids' birthday parties extra special and memorable by adding a touch of whimsy and creativity to the festivities. Whether decorating themed birthday cakes, hosting cookie decorating activities, or embellishing party favors, these edible delights add an extra sprinkle of sweetness and charm.

Author: Jessica Vicars, Owner, Confetti Jar

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