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We are the sugar flower people. Creating the most well-made and beautiful bakery décor is all we do. From stunning wedding cakes to bright birthday cupcakes, glamorous shower confections to delightful cookout cookies, we have what you need to turn your vision into a reality.

Keep it Light

Spring baking calls for light baking. We see this in every area of the food industry; our taste buds change along with the seasons. As we are shifting to outdoor activities, planning beach trips and embracing the warm weather, we tend to lean more towards light and airy desserts, rather than the rich, heavy cakes and pies savored in the winter months.  READ MORE


This easy-to-make Infused Fluffy Marshmallow Topping is spreadable, swirl-able, pipeable, and absolutely gorgeous!


Flower of the Month: MAY


Tulips are a well-loved bloom, known to be a signal that spring has arrived. They are said to be some of the most colorful spring flowers, ranging in color options from white to red to black, with at least a hundred other options in between. Tulips are not difficult to grow; they are planted in the fall to bloom for a few glorious days in the early spring.