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We are the sugar flower people. Creating the most well-made and beautiful bakery décor is all we do. From stunning wedding cakes to bright birthday cupcakes, glamorous shower confections to delightful cookout cookies, we have what you need to turn your vision into a reality.

Stacked cake recipe

Not every event calls for an over-the-top cake, which is why a two-tiered cake is a perfect choice. A baker or cake artist can assist you with the ideal design, but if you are looking to make your own two-tiered cake at home, we have the perfect recipe, complete with cake decor to finish the look. Big or small, it all comes together in the details.


Simple and sweet two-tiered CAKE

Two-tier cakes are the perfect dessert for small weddings, showers, or birthdays. However, just because these smaller confections are more petite than their massive counterparts, it doesn't mean you have to overlook details that can make them one of a kind.


Flower of the Month: January


A wedding crowd and Pinterest favorite, Ranunculus flowers (also known as buttercups) are beloved for their brilliantly colored, paper-thin petals, voluminous blooms and symbolism rooted in love.